"FYI, this morning, I did a test comparison between your MxM039 and the just released Sony SBAC-US20 usb 3.0 Sxs card reader. In all the tests, I used an Sxs Card with 42.5 GB on it. All times are averaged.

SBAC-US20 Time to transfer: 6:58 Time to load the next card: :07 Total: 7:05

MxM039Time to transfer: 4:12 Time to load the next card: :31 Total: 4:43

Net difference: 2:22

Your reader is awesome."
Steven Paglierani - The Emergence Alliance - 25 Jan 2013

"We had a scenario where there were dozens of journalists from around the globe, and we were filming lots of short interviews over a few hours. The Producer came over from Melbourne with a whole bunch of these adaptors and they worked very well in this environment.
Each journalist walked away from the shoot with the original field material on SD card.
This meant no download or back up time in the field, we treated it just like a tape based shoot. I was very pleasantly surprised how easy and effective the MXM card adaptors were to use."
Ivars Berzins - Pacific Screen Limited - 04 Dec 2012

"Hi Marek and Maggie, I bought my first MxM adapters from you many years ago and with hundreds of hours, none of them have skipped a beat! I couldn't say how many people I've sent your way over the years and EVERY one of them is as happy as I am. And I just love it that you're a couple out of Australia making such high quality and affordable products - well done!"
David Ingram - Kilcunda VIC - 28 Nov 2012

"Great company and great customer service! Marek Bilski and Maggie Bilski are behind me all the way in my current production of the Russian Huntress!"
Geoffrey Harford - 4 Mar 2012

"If you want to be satisfy, work with MXM Express. I can only assume you will be very pleased."
Karl-Heinz Heinecke - 2 Feb 2012

"At Media2u we shoot nearly all of our EX1 footage on MxM cards using exclusively ATP or Sandisk media. In over 2 years of using this combination and shooting many hundreds of hours of footage they have proved totally reliable. Our biggest tip is to format and check your media before you go into the field. Ensure you buy enough media so that you never have to format cards during the days shooting. In a camera with two card slots like the EX series, it's just too easy to accidentally erase the wrong card!"
Marcus Durham - media2u.co.uk - 25 Sep 2011

"Was great meeting today, thanks for your advice, excellent customer service"
Paul Cassar - Streetwise Photography - 15 Sep 2011

"Guys - thank you so much for the prompt service today! needed CF cards in a hurry and you came to the rescue - thank you so much!"
John Poulakis - Cinemotive Films - 8 Jun 2011

"Thank you for your assistance with selection of the products that I have purchased.I am impressed with the quality service and products.Will be doing business with you guys again."
Cameron Jennings - 27 May 2011

"Just finished setting up the pci-e sxs card reader.. absolutely amazing speed.. you make an excelllent product"
Altiero Villano - 26 May 2011

"Marek Bilski of MxM Express has made his business one of the most professional and responsive ones I've ever known in the video Industry."
Piotr Wozniacki - 21 Mar 2011

"I ran about 25 hours worth of footage through the two 32GB cards. This was for a Compass shoot for ABC television in Cairns. They worked beautifully, faultlessly, absolutely reliable...so I’m very HAPPY!! Thanks for your help when I had trouble setting them up–a quick dash to your place in Ashfield one Saturday morning. So good times with the EX3 and the MxM cards.Thanks again."
Richard Corfield, ABC tv" - 29 Oct 2009


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