Which firmware should I use with my MXM and Sony XDCam EX camera? 


Firmware V. 1.20 or higher


Firmware V. 1.10 or higher


Firmware V. 1.10 or higher


Firmware V. 1.10 or higher


Firmware V. 1.10 or higher


Firmware V. 1.10 or higher


Firmware V. 1.10


Firmware V. 1.10 or higher


Firmware V. 1.10 or higher


Firmware V. 1.10 or higher


Firmware V. 1.0 or higher


MXM adapters will not record in UDF file format on models (PMW100/160/200/500).  No adapter will record in UDF mode. 

However, recording in FAT32 file format is available on all cameras.


Why do I get a media restore error?

This message occurs when the camera has not completed writing the TOC (Table of Contents) for the file it has just written. The main causes are: -

Ejection of the card before it completes writing the TOC, ie before the slot light turns green from red.


Power interruption during recording.


One of the causes of the above error is allowing recording with an almost depleted battery.   To prevent this, please go to MENU | OTHERS | scroll to BATTERY ALARMPlease set the warning voltage to a minimum 12.1V on both slots.

Please be aware when swapping media from one camera to another without reformatting, this can sometimes cause or create media errors as each camera writes its own signature to the memory card.


How do I access the firmware version?

To access the firmware version on your EX1, while the camera is on, you press simultaneously 3 buttons: -


Then within the display, scroll all the way down to the bottom and you'll see the firmware version. This is only applicable if you have never upgraded.

From version 1.20, the firmware resides within the MENU under OTHERS and scroll all the way down to the bottom.


What is 'Unsupported File' on an EX1R?

Unformatted media inserted into an EX1R will display as “Unsupported file”. The prompts on the EX1R are slightly different with unformatted new SDHC memory cards compared to the EX1/EX3 on the LCD…and if the memory card is not formatted then it comes up with “Unsupported file”. 

In order to format your memory card on the EX1R you have to go into the

menu | options | scroll to OTHERS | scroll again all the way down to format media.  Format your card on the camera by following the prompts.


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