ATP 16GB UHS-1 - (ATP168)

ATP 16GB UHS-1 - (ATP168)
Professional! Tough! Waterproof! Dust proof! ESD Proof! Extreme Temperature!
Transfer to 55MB/s

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ATP UHS-1 SD3.0 16GB

Reads 55-60 MB/s...(tested with USB 3.0 memory card reader).

Writes up to 22 MB/s.

ATP UHS-I (Ultra High Speed 1) SD3.0 memory card is compatible with SD Memory Card Specification Ver. 3.01, which supports up to 104MB/s Bus I/F Speed. The read speed of ATP UHS-I SDHC memory card is 55-60MB/s; almost 2.5 times faster than conventional high speed SDHC card (22.5MB/s read speed).

ATP SD3.0 memory card is backward compatible to SD2.0 devices. However, the maximum transfer speed of ATP UHS-I SDHC card can be achieved along with UHS-I compliant device.

ATP UHS-I SDHC memory card also implements global wear leveling algorithm and bad block management to prolong the life time of SD card.

Considering high performance, reliability and compatibility, ATP UHS-I SDHC memory card is highly recommended especially for navigation system, drive recorder, DSLR and HD camcorder applications.

No professional should miss this memory card! The most dependable and trusted memory card.

About ATP. 

ATP focuses on mission critical applications such as embedded computing, automation, telecom, medical, automotive and enterprise computing where high levels of technical support/expertise, consistency of performance and manufacturing quality are required.  A certified ECO/Green partner of tier one OEMs, all ATP products are fully RoHS and China RoHS compliant.  A true manufacturer of both flash and DRAM products.

ATP System-In-Package (SIP) flash product manufacturing process is the backbone to superior build quality and durability.   This process make ATP memory more consistently durable and reliable under harsh environmental conditions such as moisture, extreme temperature and electrostatic discharge.

Full S&Q recording from 1-60fps capabilities.

ATP memory cards follow the ATP tradition of industry leading durability and professionally built quality. Designed for the most extreme conditions, they are built with ample protection from water, dust, Electro-Static Discharge (ESD), and an extreme storage temperature range of -25 and 85 degrees Celsius. These memory cards will withstand any abuse and more!

Main Features:
*  High data transfer rate: 55-60MB/s

*  Supports SD and SPI mode

*  High reliability

*  SIP (System In Package) process

*  Water proof, Dust proof and ESD proof

*  Enhanced endurance by internal Global wear-leveling

*  Supports CPRM

*  RoHS compliant

*  CE & FCC certification

*  Form factor : 32mm x 24mm x 2.1mm

Electrical characteristics
Supply voltage SD: 2.7V-3.6V
Low Power Consumption (<50mA)
Clock speed: 50Mhz max.

Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temp: -25C to 85C
Storage Temp: -40C to 85C
Humidity: 8 - 95 % non-condensing
Vibration: 15Gs peak-to-peak Max
Shock: 1000G
Number of insertions: 10,000 minimum
Data retention: up to 10 years


Physical characteristics
Protected Switch: yes
Width: 24mm
Thickness: 2.1mm
Weight: 2 g max

Note, transfer speed of memory card is governed by the host device.  To acheive optimum speed USB 3.0 memory card reader is required.
12 months warranty from MXM Express

5 Year Limited from the manufacturer (ATP)


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